The Spark & The Art — Creativity Podcast

The Spark & The Art — Creativity Podcast

Tucker interviews creative folks from various disciplines and career levels. Guests have included Jorge Gutiérrez, director of the animated film The Book Of Life - Grammy Award Winning Designer Stefan Sagmeister - Chase Reeves, co-founder of the entrepreneur community Fizzle and co-host of the Fizzle Show podcast - And my mom and dad. You are bound to find the information you need to get your creative projects started and more importantly finished. In episode 80 Aaron Draplin talks about his recent visit to Marc Maron's WTF podcast.

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    147 - Yoga and art with Jerusha Francisco - I’m taking away the piece on how to reframe my concerns about what others think of either me or my actions. My biggest struggle isn’t always finding the time to do something it’s when my brain justifies the reasons I shouldn’t do something based on what I think others might think. Thanks Jerusha.

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    142 - Art as a secondary power – I'm not really sure how to describe this. Super power seems like it would be the main power but what is it when your power isn't the main thing? What if you are a brain scientist who wants to talk about brain donation and your audience starts to get uncomfortable. What if you have a cool role-playing podcast and need incidental music to enhance the mood?

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    139 - Creative cooking & Creative teams with chef Chris Barton – Chris Barton is a Chef who’s restaurant creates a new menu each week. Chris recognizes the drain creating a new menu each week would be on him if he had to do it all alone. We talk about how important his team members are to both the creating of the dishes but also the success of the restaurant itself. We talk about the challenges of being in charge charge of this shared creativity and not wanting to say ‘no’ too often.

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    138 - What you can control

    Keep writing. Keep singing. Keep working with others. Keep building relationships. Keep doing it. Because that’s what you can control. You can’t control if you get a song on the radio. You can’t control if an artist decides to record your song. The only thing you can control is how good your skills are and how you nurture your relationships.

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