The Spark & The Art — Creativity Podcast

The Spark & The Art — Creativity Podcast

Tucker interviews creative folks from various disciplines and career levels. Guests have included Jorge Gutiérrez, director of the animated film The Book Of Life - Grammy Award Winning Designer Stefan Sagmeister - Chase Reeves, co-founder of the entrepreneur community Fizzle and co-host of the Fizzle Show podcast - And my mom and dad. You are bound to find the information you need to get your creative projects started and more importantly finished. In episode 80 Aaron Draplin talks about his recent visit to Marc Maron's WTF podcast.

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    155 - Steve Vrooman interviews Tucker

    I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with me for another podcast called Every Speaker Has A Story. It’s a podcast made, and hosted, by Dr. Steven Vrooman. Steve is a professor Texas Lutheran University where is chair of the Department of English and Communication Studies and director of General Education. He’s also done a TEDx talk and published the Zombie Guide to Public Speaking. Steve’s a smart guy.

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    154 - Guestcasts - Guest casts was a concept I was playing with where other people would do an insight and inspiration episode. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be a regular thing or perhaps a Patreon subscriber bonus. I asked a few people to do some as an experiment and you are going to hear two of them today.

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    150 - Chunking - I've been listening to the book This is Your Brain on Music - Dr. Daniel J. Levitin. It's about the science behind what happens to your brain when you listen to music and what makes it such a powerful thing in the lives of humans.

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    147 - Yoga and art with Jerusha Francisco - I’m taking away the piece on how to reframe my concerns about what others think of either me or my actions. My biggest struggle isn’t always finding the time to do something it’s when my brain justifies the reasons I shouldn’t do something based on what I think others might think. Thanks Jerusha.

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    145 - An improvised life with Rebecca Northan – This week we talk with Improviser, Actress, Producer and professional breath recording artist Rebecca Northan. In today’s chat Rebecca reflects on a yearbook quote and how it relates to her life now and the interesting work that actors do that you didn't even know were jobs.

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    142 - Art as a secondary power – I'm not really sure how to describe this. Super power seems like it would be the main power but what is it when your power isn't the main thing? What if you are a brain scientist who wants to talk about brain donation and your audience starts to get uncomfortable. What if you have a cool role-playing podcast and need incidental music to enhance the mood?

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    139 - Creative cooking & Creative teams with chef Chris Barton – Chris Barton is a Chef who’s restaurant creates a new menu each week. Chris recognizes the drain creating a new menu each week would be on him if he had to do it all alone. We talk about how important his team members are to both the creating of the dishes but also the success of the restaurant itself. We talk about the challenges of being in charge charge of this shared creativity and not wanting to say ‘no’ too often.

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    138 - What you can control

    Keep writing. Keep singing. Keep working with others. Keep building relationships. Keep doing it. Because that’s what you can control. You can’t control if you get a song on the radio. You can’t control if an artist decides to record your song. The only thing you can control is how good your skills are and how you nurture your relationships.

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    136 - Clutter - Clutter is fine when you are using it all. A messy desk means you are there often and using things. But what about those boxes of old magazines for that collage you are going to make one day or that carton of video tapes for the family film you are going to produce. Not only are they taking up your physical space they are also taking up your mental space.

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    132 - Breathing In. Breathing Out. - I heard a quote earlier this week and I can’t find it anywhere online so I don’t know who said it or in what context but I’m gonna talk about it anyway because it got me thinking.

    The quote was something along the lines of you can’t both breath in or out. Basically meaning you can’t do only one. You can’t only breath in. Your lungs can only hold so much. The oxygen is all absorbed and gets stale. Your lungs ache and eventually you breath out

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    130 - The expectation of our talents.

    I don’t think we can know where our best talents lie. I’m only just starting to get my head around this so bear with me things may change over time.

    This whole theory relates to how we perceive our talents and how others perceive them. What got me to thinking about it is my 8yo daughter was mentioning that she wasn’t good at math. She says it makes her head hurt sometimes to think about it. But when we talked to her teacher she said it was one of my daughter's strong subjects.

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    128 - Practice makes progress - I prefer to think that Practice Make Progress. Practice doesn’t make perfect unless you practice perfectly and that doesn’t sit well with me. Practice makes permanent but that sounds so final like you’ll get to a certain point and be that way forever. Like a tattoo. But that’s not the way it works. You just keep getting better if you just keep practicing and finding your things to improve on.

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    125 - Art & Engineering with Jean-Michel Gires – Jean-Michel has a line of silk scarves, leggings and now kimonos printed with abstract designs made from his photography. This is his most recent artistic project. He has had exhibitions of his photography as well as published art books. But he does all this on the side as an executive in the energy sector.

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    123 - Artist by default with Dulcie Foo Fat – Dulcie Foo Fat is a painter and in our conversation we talk about how she became an artist by default even though she was aiming to get into education. We talk about how crumbs of encouragement are all it takes to find a path. We talk about the importance having a supportive husband played in her success and at the end we talk about her daughters who I will most likely be also inviting on the podcast.

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    122 -The Neverending Story – Out of all of the books I’ve read I always get a little something. Usually about creativity and life’s journey since that’s what I’ve been most interested in. But I don’t think any have really captured it as well as The Neverending Story.

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    121 - Year of pure potential with Ash Thorp – Ash Thorp is a motion designer, illustrator, artist, and creative director and has worked on films like Ender’s Game and Total Recall and X-Men: First Class.

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    120 - Thankful for your talent - Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t much different than what I can gather an American Thanksgiving is like. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie. Personally I don’t like pumpkin pie. I really like berry pies blueberry is by far my favourite.

    There’s no real story to thanks giving. No pilgrims coming to Plymouth Rock or anything like that. As far as I could ever tell it was just a to be thankful.

    What the hell kind of summary is this Tucker?!

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    118 - Be bold. Get old. Be a badass. – this week my review of Camp Festival of 2016. The Camp Festival is a two day conference with a bunch of speakers from all different disciplines who work at a very high level in the industry. These are designers who have worked on movies like the Iron Man trilogy or have worked at Google and Microsoft or have The New Yorker magazine, Nike and Sports Illustrated as clients.

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    116 - The artist and the engineer – A man and a woman look at a rolling ball machine. The woman is an artist. The man is an engineer. They both are intrigued by the machine for different reasons.

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    115 - Many talents can be your talent with Lorraine Harley – Lorraine Harley has been active in arts and other creative pursuits for her whole life but she says it’s only recently that she’s really recognizing her talents for what they are. We talk about how her ‘jack-of-all-trades’ approach to creative work is an asset because she has a lot of fun with many different types of projects and mediums.

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    114 - No one will care about you until they know about you – I’m your host Tucker and this week is a dream I had about 8 years ago.

    I'm fairly certain that it was in The War Of Art where author Steven Pressfield said that dreams, especially those that you wake from with vivid clarity, are there for you to learn from. They are your subconscious share sharing wisdom with you. They are they are meant to be held within you so you can internalize and act on the message. So, you aren't meant to share dreams with others until the meaning has been accepted by yourself - or something like that. I can't find the part of the book where he talks about it. So maybe it's a different book.

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    111 - Creativity and curiosity with empathy coach Whitney Hess – Whitney and I talk about her starting out in computer sciences - and hating it - loving her writing major and how she stumbled on a course for Human Computer Interaction which lead her to her first user experience position. While the whole conversation is fantastic, I think my favourite part is the last 5 minutes where Whitney builds on how curiosity and creativity work together.

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    110 - JUST DO! - Sol Lewitt’s Letter to Eva Hesse – Eva Hesse was a sculptor and ran into a bout of creative block and wrote to Sol for some advice. I’ve never read Eva’s letter but I feel I can get a gist of what she was saying. She was planning what she was going to do to get out of her creative block. She was thinking about how should could get passed her creative block.

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    109 - Dancing, Teaching & Doodling with Michelle Johnson – Dancer, teacher and bloom doodler Michelle Johnson. We talk about how she used drawing to help her through a difficult time while recuperating from a difficult surgery and how through the sharing of her images with her friends it lead to her creating and self-publishing a colouring book.

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    107 - Creating comics with Scott Kowalchuk – In today's chat we talk to comic artist and illustrator Scott Kowalchuk. We talk about a lot of things including where he started and what he did to pitch his very first comic to the comic publisher image comics. It wasn't just a simple idea with a few sketches it was finished books. We also talk about the reason he is being much more calculated about the publishers he does approach and being very honest with himself about the projects he's choosing in the future.

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    106 – Sticky ideas & commonplace books – It reminded me of the conversation I had with author Sean Williams In episode 62 about how getting ideas out was like a tube of toothpaste where it's easier to get out when the dry crusty bits are gone from the end and you can get that flow back. It wasn't a really good analogy then and I think I've done it even less justice this time around.

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    105 - Author on purpose. Professor by accident. With David Burkus – David is an author and Associate Professor of Management at Oral Roberts University, where he teaches courses on organizational behaviour, creativity and innovation, and strategic leadership. But he started out wanting to be Jack Kerouac so you probably don’t want to miss how that happened.

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    103 - Making software and making music with Cory Smith – Entrepreneur, software developer and Musician Cory Smith. We talk about his start in computer sciences and the role his instructors played in nurturing the invaluable skill of learning how to learn. We also talk about connecting with others by telling your own story. As evidenced by his 10s of thousands of listens on his Soundcloud for raps about the tech world.

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    102 - Knowing what a project isn't - Knowing what a project isn't can be as important as knowing what a project is. Adding that perspective can help get unstuck and get started or finished.

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    101 - Have faith in your talent with Julie Geller – Julie Geller has been writing and performing songs pretty much since someone showed her a few chords on a piano as a kid and now with the support of her followers on Patreon puts out a song with a video every month.

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    100 - Two interviews with Tucker – I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest on a couple podcasts since I started this podcast and the hosts of those shows were kind enough to let me re-publish them here as my celebratory 100th episode.

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    98 - Applying app store success to your own project – we talk about an article I read on Reddit by Amir Rajan about his success in the iTunes App store. The article is basically a how-to for working with Apple to have a successful game for iPhones and iPads. Amir’s success was in the range of $700,000 USD over the course of about 3 years.

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    97 - Inspire yourself by inspiring others with Lorian Dean – Lorian is an elementary school art teacher in Florida during the day and does illustration for children’s books outside of work. In today’s chat we talk about a teacher who inspired her, her own passion for teaching and her work as an illustrator. Her passion is obvious and infectious and I can’t imagine any kid not being inspired by her enthusiasm for art.

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    94 - You can always find something wrong – Sometimes we finish something and it’s the greatest thing in the world. We’re a genius and can’t believe people aren’t writing epic tales about our talents. Only to come back to it and wonder why we even bothered finishing in the first place. Sometimes we finish something and trash it right away because it just isn’t right. Sometimes we can tell something’s not right and simply move on. The point is that you can always find something wrong with a piece of work you’ve done.

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    93 - Finding what people care about in advertising with Kelsey Horne – Kelsey has always been interested in advertising but went to school for architecture and interior design. He tells about first using photoshop to create ads for fun and how he got an agency job based on a spec portfolio even though he had no training or real experience. And is now Creative Director working with brands like Kraft and Tim Horton's.

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    92 - When It Was A Love Song – This week is different because I’m going to share some of what I do with my creativity. It’s a story I wrote based on a song I wrote called 'When It Was A Love Song'.

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    91 - Create your own problems to solve – Creating your own problems has sort of a negative connotation to it. “I can’t really feel sorry for that person because they’ve created those problems for themselves.” That’s the drama queen sort of mentality. Drama isn’t the kind of problem I’m talking about. I’m talking about challenges to figure out and questions to be answered. I’m talking about figuring out what you can’t do and wondering how you can.

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    90 - Working between art and technology with Chelsea Klukas – Chelsea is a User Experience Designer at Amazon and leads a team of designers working on the comments and other user engagement tools of the site. But she’s also a co-founder of a fashion and technology group where fashion designers and technologists collaborate.

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    89 - Never too late to give up … or start again – Dreams are hard. Work is hard. Finding a path is hard. But what I love about the first lines of the song Give Up On Your Dreams by Seth Timbs are that just because you ‘give up’ doesn’t mean you stop. Maybe it just changes a little. Maybe you just pack’em up and get a new set.

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    88 - How to be an author with a family with Adam Dreece – Adam Dreece is an indie author who is building a following for his The Yellow Hoods series of books which currently number 5 soon to be six. Previous to being an author Adam worked in high in the ranks of corporate IT as a software architect. The way Adam describes the transition from corporate IT to independent publishing is the universe just kept giving him larger and larger nudges until he couldn’t ignore them any more. So less than two years ago he started writing his book series. Yep two years 4 novels with another on the way.

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    87 - Where to start - Where To Start - Choosing a direction and prioritizing what needs to be done. This week's topic once again comes from the anonymous 1-question survey that pops up on The comment comes from someone in Canada and says "When pursuing a career in music sometimes knowing where to begin is tricky.”

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    84 - Photographer Of Elusive Things with Chris Ratzlaff – Chris is a great example of someone using all their interests and skills to be fully creative. Chris talks about his path from designer to product manager. He also talks about his longtime interest in weather phenomena and relatively recent interest in photography and how he combined the two into his stunning series of aurora and storm photos.

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    83 - Making The Time – You can’t actually make time. Time just happens and you sort of bob around in it. The only thing you can do is choose what to work on while you’re bobbing around. This choosing is the hardest part because it basically comes down to choosing between doing things for yourself and doing things for others.

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    82 - Trust The Process and The Process is Crazy with Betsy Bauer. – Everything you see in an animated movie needs to be created by someone. From the dirt on the floor to the frying pan in the kitchen to the kitchen itself someone has to design it and that’s what our guest Betsy Bauer does for a day job. Outside of work does children’s books and other projects and we talk about her recent project, a fun colouring book about cats dressed as super heroes. We also talk about her work at Google creating Google doodles and how her getting the job all started with a retweet.

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    81 - Failure, Fear & Just Getting Started – What is the failure you’re so afraid of? What is failure for that matter? You get to create your own definition of failure. Nobody else can tell you when something is a failure because it depends on their definition of what failure is.

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    80 - Design as a Trade with Aaron Draplin – Aaron Draplin loves life and loves his work. From the daily activities of cleaning the house to the technical process of creating a logo or book design. He’s proud of his family and gives himself to everyone. That caring and pride shows in his work and you can hear it in our conversation.

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    79 - Names and other things we call ourselves – What do people tell you you are? "You are such a good artist you should draw comics.” “You are a born dancer.” “You sing way better than anyone on the radio you mustn’t waste that talent.” That’s all well and good if you want to be a singer, dancer or comics artist.

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    78 - Songs that let you question the world with Jonathan Ferguson - The process Jonathan Ferguson followed for writing songs for his new album Telltale Heart, anonymity, how taking your art seriously doesn’t mean you have to take yourself seriously and the power of art to make you question and reflect on things

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    77 - The message is more important than the work - If the work is more important than the art you know what is more important than the work?

    The message. The why. The reason you do the work. The reason the spark goes from smile and excitment to actual act of bringing it to reality.

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    76 - Art therapy in prisons with David Gussak – David Gussak is an art therapist who has worked in prison populations for most of his career. We talk about what it takes to work with violent criminals and how, despite the many times he tried to leave the profession, it just keeps bringing him back.

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    75 - How To Forever Transform Your Creative Work – I read from my new ebook The Three Most Difficult Simple Things guaranteed to forever improve your creative work. It’s a long title but it’s a short book. But very helpful. You can download your own copy at

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    73 - What it takes to succeed – So far there are two things I know about succeeding. Whether it’s succeeding at covering the cost of your project or succeeding to Madonna like levels. We talk about them both in this episode.

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    71 - Make Your Own Stuff - CAMP 2015 Summary – I went to CAMP Festival here in Calgary. It was a two day conference filled with inspiration and awesome speakers. Here is a summary.

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    69 - @SparkArtPodcast - I've recently atarted the official @sparkartpodcast twitter account I thought I'd give an update on the podcast and the new twitter account.

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    68 – The best tools are invisible with comic artist Dan Berry – We talk about how, what I always assumed was, his relentless pursuit of perfection is in fact a relentless pursuit of ever increasing efficiencies in his creation process. We talk about what inks he likes and doesn’t like. The importance of making your tools invisible to you as the artist so they don’t get in the way of your ideas. We talk about how day job teaching comics as an art form has affected his work. And we also talk about how a day job, a comics career, a podcast and a family with two kids impacts his art (as a hint it has too do with the relentless pursuit of efficiencies I mentioned earlier)

    Dan is very funny, very British and very insightful. I’m quite positive you will enjoy today’s chat with Dan Berry.

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    67 - Find your voice to find your audience – What do kidnapped spacemen and a black-metal chef that sings vegan recipes have in common? They have found their voice - that one special way they communicate - and in turn have found an audience.

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    65 - Advice vs Guidance - “You know what you should do?”, “Everybody is totally doing this right now. You should too.” who do you listen to and what is advice and what is guidance.

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    64 - Learning to take a compliment with Tanya Ryan – Yoga, the challenges of balancing the thing you do and business of the thing you do, why learning to take a compliment is to important and the art of creating a live music set. That’s today’s conversation with Tanya Ryan

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    63 - Experimenting with creativity - Just like a runner doesn’t just start running marathons. Film makers don’t start out making blockbusters. You can't expect to do your perfect work. You need time to play and experiment and try new things. Because in the trying you may find a new awesome combination that is a super fun passion.

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    62 - What it takes to write over 40 novels with Sean Williams – Sean Williams is a novelist with over 40 books to his credit. He writes about 4 novels a year and has created his own series called Twin Maker as well as writing 6 novels in the Star Wars universe as well as one for Dr. Who.

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    61 - How we define ourselves – This week is insight and inspiration and we’re going to talk about titles, labels and how we define ourselves.

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    59 - Learning something is never a waste of time – Wether you learn to waterski, juggle, paint or fry an egg no skill is ever wasted. They all just wind up in your backpack to help you with your next project.

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    58 - Are you a multipotentialite? With Emilie Wapnick – What is a Multipotentialite? Basically it’s someone who says "I can’t follow my passion because I have too many”. In today’s episode we talk with Emilie Wapnick who believes not everyone is meant to have one true calling. If you beat yourself up for bouncing from interest to interest Emilie will soothe your anxiety and let you know that everthing is going to be alright. Embrace everthing about yourself and move forward as a Multipotentialite.

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    57 - Inspiration comes from the work – Where does inspiration come from? Should you wait for inspiration to strike or just sit down and get to work regardless. You can probably tell from the title what the answer is going to be. Let’s see if you agree with me after you’ve listened.

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    56 - Orchestral video game music with Maxime Goulet – Maxime Goulet composes classical music for both the orchestral performances and the scores of video games. Not only has he created orchestral pieces around eating chocolate but he has scored game adaptations for titles like Shrek, The Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man. We dig into where ideas come from and his desire to keep classical music engaging as more than just music by adding visual and edible elements.

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    55 - The hand of the artist - too ragged and all people can see is what's lacking. Too polished and audiences can't see the humanity. Finding that balance is the challange. In this episode we talk about how to make sure your work shows The hand of the artist

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    54 - Guitar Hero, User Experience and Music - Combining passions with Davidicus - Like most user experience designers Davidicus kind of wound up in the role and he tell about his interesting path to get there. We talk about his heavy involvement in the design and experience of the interface for the video game Guitar Hero. Davidicus is also a musician and we talk about how time has influenced his view towards making music.

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    52 – Don’t compromise your morals and don’t be a jerk with Spencer Goldade – It’s been a year since this podcast has started and the first interview I did was with today’s guest, Spencer Goldade. A lot has changed in the year since we last heard from Spenny. One thing that hasn’t changed—and comes through clearly in this chat—is Spenny’s passion for creative work and his love of friends, family and colleagues.

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    51 – Appreciation vs Adulation – Adulation is people saying you're great. Appreciation is a connection. Which do you want from your art?

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    49 – Do what you can with what you have – What do you need to be an animator? A Painter? A Writer? You probably have most of it already. You just need to do what you can with what you have.

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    48 – The Dancer & The Mind Reader with Stephanie and Mark Toland – How important is a partnership when making a career in the arts? When you are today’s guests it’s what makes it all possible. Stephanie is a dancer and Mark is a mind reader. It’s an interesting chat where we talk about why Mark doesn’t do kids’ parties anymore and Stephanie talks about what it takes to be a dancer and they both talk about the amount of work it takes to build and sustain a creative career.

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    47 - Tear it down or live in it? - What do derelict barns, extreme weight loss and cats dressed as sailors have in common? They are all in today's episode.

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    46 – Voice Acting with Jay Britton – Jay started in IT (information technology) and after getting pretty far in his career decided to make a hard change. He didn’t just start auditioning and hope for the best though, he got coaching from some top names in voice acting.

    We talk about his time in the technology world, what it’s like to meet a hero, his love of the Simpson’s and most importantly the power of a coach. I wanted to actually talk to Jay and not have it turn into us showing each other the kinds of voices we could do. It was really hard for me.

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    45 – Who’ll Build it? Who’ll Buy it? Who’ll Fund it? – As a creative person you’re probably good at making stuff. But if you want to earn money from your work you need to know who’s gonna buy it. If you want to do something big you need to know who is going to fund it. In today’s episode we explore these three pieces and how they work together.

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    44 – Make Art Make Money with Elizabeth Hyde Stevens – Jim Henson created the Muppets. But he didn’t do it on his own dime and he didn’t get people to work for free. If you feel like you need a little insight into how to ride the line between making money without compromising your art you’re going to love today’s talk with Elizabeth Hyde Stevens author of the book Make Art Make Money as she follows the career of Jim Henson through his struggles with keeping his art while still making money.

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    43 – Your Job vs Your Work – What is your job. Not your job in the traditional sense. If your life is your job, does the work you do match the job description?

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    42 – Rock ‘n’ Roll, Comedy and Native Advertising Models with Matt Ruby – Matt Ruby is a stand-up comedian who started in a rock band and now has a successful online sketch comedy show that takes shots at the technology world. He talks about finding that one thing that you can do well that no one else can and put it into action.

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    41 – Your Current Future – The future is going to happen no matter what. What will happen in yours?

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    40 – When creative friends become creative family – Tyler Nilson and Mike Schwartz – We’ve talked before about the power of collaboration on the podcast but today’s episode is a wonderful example about when collaboration becomes more like a family. Tyler Nilson and Mike Schwartz recently finished showing their short film The Moped Diaries across the festival circuit this summer garnering them 10 Official Selections across the country.

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    39 – Any Spare Hour – Do you work a day job and have trouble finding big chunks of time to complete your projects? In today’s episode we talk about spare hours and how they can really help keep projects moving one little bit at a time.

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    35 – Reaching an End vs Being Finished – When a project is over you have to decide if it’s reached an end or if it’s finished. Is it something you can come back to later if you want or are you just going to wipe your hands and move on.

  122. Thumb 1417644058 artwork

    34 – Games and stories and so much more with Steve Ogden – Steve Ogden is a serial creative with a long string of projects behind him: A book of short stories, an animated short, online graphic novel and web comics. All of these while working full time in the games industry at Cyan Interactive on the Myst family of games and currently at Firaxis games, home of the Sid Meirs Civilization series.

  123. Thumb 1417644079 artwork

    33 – How to keep a project going – It’s been a few days or a couple weeks and you are moving along on your project like you haven’t done in a while. It feels great. You’re happy and you reach your flow state and time flies by in a blur you pack up for the night and sleep like a baby. Then the next evening with your talent in hand and your face lit up with smiles you head down to do it again.

    Now for some reason … you got nothing. What do you do?

  124. Thumb 1417644112 artwork

    32 – Break it down to get it done. Making video games with Karyl Gilbertson. – Karyl Gilbertson is a web designer and dad who is creating a video game in his spare time. In today’s interview we talk about his little trick for getting to work on his project even when he doesn’t feel like it and how breaking his project into smaller chunks allowed him to get started without feeling overwhelmed.

  125. Thumb 1417644138 artwork

    31 – The Blessed Unrest – That curiosity that drove you in the beginning can sometimes stop you in your tracks or keep you in a comfortable place once you get to a certain level of skill. What do you do when your blessed unrest is feeling more like a curse?

  126. Thumb 1417644176 artwork

    30 – Learn from reference. Learn from others. Learn from teaching. – Jackie Koehler - Animator – This week’s interview is with Jackie Koehler. Jackie is an animator and she loves what she does. She loves doing it and she loves learning about it. Most recently she just finished as lead animator for the character of La Muerta in film The Book Of Life. While she’s worked on some pretty high profile movies, even being nominated for a very prestigious Annie award as part of the team for The Amazing Spider-Man she doesn’t consider herself having ‘made it’ simply because there is still more to learn and more to do.

  127. Thumb 1417644198 artwork

    29 - The Fear Of Done – You’re at the end of a project. You only have a few little things left to do. But for some reason you can’t get to it. Everything is suddenly more important. You are experiencing the … Fear Of Done.

    Today’s episode we talk about what could cause the Fear Of Done and a simple tactic that may help you get over your fear.

  128. Thumb 1417644218 artwork

    28 – Reach your goal and continue learning – Andrew Ford - Animator – Andrew Ford just finished his latest professional project as a lead animator on the movie The Book Of Life. His path to being an animator on feature films was somewhat winding but always with that final goal in mind. Once he reached that goal he didn’t rest on his accomplishments. Not only does he consider each scene he animates a learning experience he continues to hone his craft by taking animation courses on his own time.

    Make sure that where you are going isn’t the end but simply a new starting point.

  129. Thumb 1417644289 artwork

    27 – Get done. Move on. – Are you still working on that thing? You know that thing you’ve had in your head all this time. That thing that is just about right but just needs a little more work. You know, that thing.

    Today’s episode is all about why you just need to just Get Done and Move On

  130. Thumb 1417644310 artwork

    26 – Jorge Gutierrez – The Book Of Life Movie – Jorge Gutierrez is the writer and director of the animated movie The Book Of Life. This movie is just the latest in a long line of animated creations and projects he’s worked on and while he jokes that it may be his last movie I’m certain that this is not the last you will hear of today’s guest Jorge Gutierrez.

  131. Thumb 1417644337 artwork
  132. Thumb 1417644360 artwork

    24 – Stefan Sagmeister – Stefan Sagmeister is basically a design legend. He has a career close to 25 years long and has won Grammy’s for packaging design for the Talking Heads and almost all the prestigious design awards there are.

  133. Thumb 1417644388 artwork

    23 – Making mistakes makes us beter – If you never make a mistake you never make yourself better. In today’s episode I talk how making mistakes on purpose can help you out. I also ask if I can borrow your time machine.

  134. Thumb 1417644409 artwork

    22 – The art and the business of filmmaking with Luke Black - Luke Black is a writer/producer working in Toronto, Canada. He has spent a large amount of time pursuing his passion of making films (he estimates about 15 so far). One of his most recent ventures as producer has landed a spot at the Toronto International Film Festival.

  135. Thumb 1417644441 artwork

    21 – No Decision is still a decision. - How does not making a decision actually equate to making a decision? How can you move forward even if you can’t make up your mind? Today’s podcast contains a quick solution to helping you get past the decision paralysis.

  136. Thumb 1417644465 artwork

    20 – Bill And Sons Towing with Mark De Angelis - Today’s guest is Canadian Writer, Director and producer Mark De Angelis. After Mark spends his day writing for other people’s shows he comes home and works on his own projects. And not just small projects either. Mark has finished two seasons of his web series Bill and Sons Towing.

  137. Thumb 1417644491 artwork
  138. Thumb 1417644514 artwork

    18 - Made In Vietnam - A documentary film with Thi Vo - This week’s episode is an interview with Thi Vo. Thi is a film maker, actor, graphic designer and Wipeout contestant (he made it across the red balls) We didn’t talk about his Wipeout appearance on the podcast but you can find a link to the episode in the show notes at He has finished a short film about family violence and is in the process of editing his feature documentary Made In Vietnam. It’s a film that documents Thi's journey to find the birth father he never met because he and his mother escaped communist Vietnam when he wasn’t even two years old.

  139. Thumb 1417644538 artwork

    17 – The Magic of Collaboration - Collaboration is a tricky thing but the more you collaborate the bigger the rewards.

    In today’s podcast I tell the story of Jason Webley who with the help of a group of his musician friends sold out an 800 seat theatre and raised $11,111 in two hours on Kickstarter. Collaboration is a tricky thing but when it works it’s magic.

  140. Thumb 1417644567 artwork

    16 – Leaving music and coming back again with David Andrew Wiebe - This week’s interview is with David Andrew Wiebe from a musician, songwriter, podcaster and music entrepreneurship educator. David grew up in Japan but moved back to Canada for high school where he started playing guitar. Since then he has gone from playing 3 hours a day to just sometimes. Spent 12 years pursuing music as a career only to give it up to pursue more traditional entrepreneurial endeavours. But has recently found that the two paths are combining to create his current path.

  141. Thumb 1417644599 artwork

    15 – Everyone is creative - Everyone is creative. That is isn’t a belief I have. That isn’t something I have faith in. That is something I hold as fact with in me. Everyone is creative.

  142. Thumb 1417644625 artwork

    14 – Get good at everything or work with others. An Interview with Solveig Whittle - Solveig started as a programmer at AT&T moving on to eventually become a Windows product manager at Microsoft and now is a teacher and musician. Known now online for her work in the music marketing circles as well as her music she is currently working on her third album.

    We talk about rock operas, music as performance art, how music and other creative work is like being in a startup, how writing music and writing software is similar and whether creativity can be taught or not.

  143. Thumb 1417644650 artwork

    13 – Money is a tool. Not a goal. - What is money for? Should you write ‘make money’ on your list of goals for your creative project? What is my favourite quote on the topic of money and creativity? I’d tell you here but there isn’t enough room. You may as well listen to this week’s episode to learn why Money is a tool. Not a goal.

  144. Thumb 1417644672 artwork

    12 – Stop Doing What Isn’t Working with Chris Seth Jackson This week’s interview is with Chris Seth Jackson of but what we’ll learn is how after about 4 years of providing great content and value to musicians he’s decided to move on to a new venture.

  145. Thumb 1417644704 artwork

    11 – Why The Journey To Your Art Is More Important Than The Art Itself - Having a completed project is all well and good but if you weren’t inspired by the process there is a good chance you won’t continue. In today’s episode we talk through the 3 main points of my family’s creative philosophy based on the two interviews I did with my mom and dad.

  146. Thumb 1417644727 artwork

    10 – Songs That Matter – Carolyn Harley - Songs That Matter is the theme of today’s podcast. Carolyn Harley (my mom) has been writing songs for almost 40 years. In this conversation we talk about what’s kept her writing, why despite having written almost 600 songs she considers herself a ‘Late Bloomer’ and the healing power of music and Songs That Matter.

  147. Thumb 1417644745 artwork

    9 – How using checklists can get you to your art quicker. - I use checklists to speed up the things that are repetitive and have a lot of steps but when it comes time do actually start creating things do you think I still use them?

    Find out in this 2 min episode of the podcast.

  148. Thumb 1417644769 artwork

    8 – Nature Photographer and Bass Player – Joe Harley - Do you know what you are going to do when you retire? Do you know someone too focused on work and earning to fully enjoy life? Today’s podcast is Joe Harley who at the age of 50 decided to learn how to play bass guitar and nature photography now lives a happy, busy and fulfilling retirement.

  149. Thumb 1417644789 artwork

    7 – Feeling Like A Show-Off - I talk about how I fight with feeling like a show-off. I like doing things like singing and I’m fairly good at it. But when I do it in front of people I can feel like they are thinking “Look at that guy … showing off.” I then share some thoughts about why I think those feelings are fading.

  150. Thumb 1417644812 artwork

    6 – John Johnston – Improv Actor - John Johnston is an accomplished improvisational actor and business analyst. In this week’s episode we talk about the importance of constraints on the creative process. He tells a lovely story of going to theatre school with Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy. We also talk about the similarity of building software and putting on a performance. Plus some bonus talk about Harry Potter and I use the word ‘conflated’ when I didn’t mean too.

  151. Thumb 1417644836 artwork

    5 – Just Keep Doing It - I tell a story of what I think George Harrison would have done had he decided not to pursue a career in music after the Beatles broke up.

  152. Thumb 1417644859 artwork

    4 – Jonathan Ferguson – Singer-Songwriter - Jonathan Ferguson is a Singer-Songwriter from Calgary who works with me at my day job. We talk about songwriting, Jonathan’s passion for the Beatles and Nirvana.

  153. Thumb 1417644879 artwork
  154. Thumb 1417644900 artwork

    2 - Spencer Goldade - Web Designer and Illustrator - In this episode Tucker talks to Spencer about the difference between art and design, how his views on taking every project that comes along has changed and the role money plays in doing creative work.

  155. Thumb 1417644921 artwork

    1 - How do you start something? - How do you start something? You just start. That doesn't mean you finish right away though. I've been starting this podcast for about 8 months now. Now, it's finally here.

  156. Thumb thesparkandtheart

    Obligitory Test Episode - S0E0 - The Spark And The Art

    This is a test episode of The Spark & The Art podcast. It is basically my Born To The World EP with a silly intro and outro. It is the first time you'll hear the new Spynoh Creativity audio mnemonic. Fun.

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